Saturday, 6 April 2013

KITCHEN - By @Jens! (Growtopia Review #5)

Hello! INightmarel here! I’m just filling in for CrimsonEagle for a few posts while he is away with no device, and I’m harsher criticizer than him, so be warned!
Anyways, onto the review!

Kitchen by Jens (or @Jens) took my breath away when I entered there. The world has giant pixel art of how a kitchen room would look like.
Ever wanted to shrink and explore hidden areas of your kitchen? Now you can do it in KITCHEN with no added magic to make you shrink!  
There’s a delicious bowl of mushrooms and bacon on the table (which I enjoyed bouncing on even though my mother told me to never play with my food), and the whole world is fully furnished with wallpaper.

I enjoyed sliding in the fridge, the bubble wrap and ice in there adds a nice touch. I recommend a jumper if you’re going into the fridge! ;)
I finished it in 12:74, only a few seconds off!
The sink is probably the most realistic interactive object in the Kitchen. It feels like you get sucked down the plug hole and go into the inside pipes of the sink. Wish Seth invented a way with water; wouldn’t it be cool if water came out of the tap?

I have no idea which giant pixel art was my favorite. There’s a giant lamp, a stove (which looks very alike to the mini stove we Growtopians have), a candle, a window and lots more!
I loved the maze and its tricks (I’m not saying the tricks!) though I wish it was a bit harder. A bit of music would also add a nice touch to the world, though it may ruin the wallpaper (I bet some users (that includes me!) mute their device and don’t mind the silence of the world)

This world is definitely a place to hang out if you’re a pixel art sucker and perhaps want a bit of ‘peace out’ time. I give this world a 9.5/10!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

SARIA - By Cnoone and GoonCrafter! (Growtopia Review #3)

Hey guys, welcome to my blog! I apologize for the lack of posts, but I have been extremely busy!
For this review, I will be reviewing SARIA, by Cnoone and GoonCrafter!

SARIA, by Cnoone and GoonCrafter, is an awesome world! With the tune of Saria's Song (Legend of Zelda) the world feels really peaceful and relaxing. If you thought the music was the best part, than you're wrong! SARIA also includes over 10 pieces of beautiful pixel art related to the Legend of Zelda game. As you can see in the bottom left corner, Cnoone and GooneCrafter have even added the Tri - Force Temple!

I must admit that this world is truly amazing and certainly deserves the World of the Day title! I mean, awesome music and great pixel art?! That's my personal favorite combination!
These two players (Cnoone and GoonCrafter), are probably among one of the most talented players in the game. So, if you're looking for a snazzy tune, or just want to have a look at some art, SARIA is the place for you!

I rate this world 9/10
~CrimsonEagle (#TeamCrimmeh2013)

NOTE: I'm really sorry that this review is really short, I was about to leave to go camping and was running out of time! I hope you enjoy my review anyway! :)

Thursday, 21 March 2013

FIRSTLEVELMARIO - By Viking! (Growtopia Review #2)

Hey guys, welcome to my second review! I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in a few days, I have been caught up on homework! Well, enough of my blabbering, onto the review!

FIRSTLEVELMARIO is an exact replica of the first stage of Super Mario Bros for the NES.  (Well, maybe not 'exact', but he did try his best to improvise with the small world size!)

As you first enter the starting door, you feel like you're actually in the Super Mario Bros world! I also really loved how the world was pretty exact. I even spent some time matching up these two images just to see how close they were! (You can be the judge of that too! I think he did a really good job, how about you? Leave your answer in the comments below!)

Even though the map isn't really hard (and it isn't mean't to be), I did enjoy trying to get a good time to 'save' Princess Peach. I think I spent around 30 minutes just trying to get the perfect score!

As much as I loved this world, I'm even more excited to see the sequel - Part 2 (Bowser's Castle), I hope Viking does an even better job than what he has done here!

I rate this world 8/10
~CrimsonEagle (#TeamCrimmeh2013)

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

ITEMS - By @Meow! (Growtopia Review #1)

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog! This will be my first review, so go easy on me, I'm only learning! :D

Anyway, onto the review:

Most of you already know ITEMS as a nice helpful world, well you're exactly right! This world is jammed pack with every blocks and item you can think of! (Excluding clothes, but special event clothes are included) There is some magnificent pixel art and the world is just really helpful in general.

I find ITEMS really neat and organized, if you're looking for something, you're sure to find it without any troubles. The list of items range from a Dirt Block, all the way to the rare Crystal Block!
You'll find that @Meow has even added some secret rooms (which I love!), and a little race course.

The owner, @Meow, is ever so helpful and will always be glad to assist you. So if you haven't already, go check out ITEMS! It is by far one of the bests worlds in the game.

I would rate this world 10/10!

~CrimsonEagle (#TeamCrimmeh2013)

Welcome Guys!

Welcome everyone, to my blog! Blogs are new to me, so feel free to help me out if you see I need any!
Well, this is my first post, so let me introduce myself! My username is CrimsonEagle, I've been playing Growtopia since January 11th, 2013, and have loved every second of my journey! I own Hallofscammers and am a helpful and friendly person.

On this site, I will be doing review of any worlds worthy of one, I'll try to review at least one world per day and leave a little description and comment about the world. If you would like me to review your world, message me via the forums, or in game!

Without further ado, I shall create my first review, stay tuned for some good reviews.
~CrimsonEagle (#TeamCrimmeh2013)